totally chalked! Colours you will love.

So you have a table or chair or cabinet you want to give a fresh look. Why settle for a colour just because the one you dearly want is not available. Talk to us. Choose your own colour, and we will custom mix it for you.

We do not mix metallic colours.

Small 250ml $28.00/ Medium 500 ml $40 / L $60

Sunshine in a Bottle

Not subtle - a bright sunny yellow

Lavender Twist

Almost Periwinkle - fresh and bright.


Jaipur .Hot pink.


Rouge, a deep red.

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream.It is orange all right ! Bright!

Raw Cement

Raw Cement .A very descriptive name.

Jungle Oats

Jungle Oats.Just a little off white - BESTSELLER!

Old Havana

Old Havana.Dramatic - deep blue/green.


A deep vibrant orange.


Jade. Soft green

Old Rose

Old Rose.A soft dusky pink

In the Navy

In the Navy.Our darkest navy blue

Pink Parfait

Pink Parfait. Lively pink


Soot.Matte Black

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle.Deep green

French Blue

French Blue. A beautiful bright blue


Sage green - what a gorgeous hue

Bright colours

Bold statement colours

Pick your colour

Explore a world of colour. Select your very own.

Colours and more colours.

Talk to us, what you see on the page is by no means all the available colours.

What an awesome combination

Kucinta Grey and Chartreuse.

African Sunset

African Sunset. Rich and vibrant.


Passion.A deep sophisticated colour,

Peanut BuTter

So nice, I almost want to taste it. Just like a jar of creamy Peanut butter.

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle. Reminiscent of a deep emerald colour sea, like the waters of Sentosa

Sea Colours

From the lightest aquamarine to a dark turquoise. And these are only some of the colours available.

Sea Spray

Sea Spray. Bright and airy.

French Blue and Milk

A favourite, French Blue, not too bright, but not too dark. Next to Milk, it really comes alive.


A light green Jade - too beautiful!

French Blue

French Blue. A perfect blue!

Jest Stream and Namibian Skies

Jest stream next to Namibian Skies. So subtle but what an impact!

I do not believe in viewing colour on a screen of a phone, laptop or desktop.

Make an appointment and view the real colour, or talk to us about that special colour you want.